Beachcomber…that’s the life for me!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”


I just returned from a short stay on Vashon Island. If you are not familiar it is in the middle of Puget Sound. State of Washington, USA. That’s right an island. A fifteen minute ferry ride from Seattle and you are on a very nice wooded island.

I miss the ferry rides. As a native Seattle-ite it’s part of one’s history.  As a child I frequently got to ride them…to summer camp or to my family’s beach-front rental cabin on Orcas. Later it was a day trip with a new lover, and we’d walk on and then off on Whidbey Island to traipse the small strip of businesses located within walking distance of the ferry landing dock. To venture further inland, one must commute by car, however, given the romantic-based reason for going in the first place, walking hand-in-hand was the only reasonable method of transit. Now as an adult I must fantasize the journeys for I live now in Oregon. Close but not so much…no spontaneity when you live that far away.

I still enjoy leaving the car below deck and hiking the stairs to the open observation level on any ferry. Leaning into or bracing oneself against it, the wind is a force to be reckoned with. Seeing schools of jelly fish always grabs my attention, as do the terns and gulls that swoop in and out the receding path the ferry lays down.

Point Robinson Lighthouse @ Maury Island (which is attached now by a landbridge)

Life on the island is slooooow. And I kinda like that. We had the good luck to have our kayaks and were blessed with a reasonably mild weather day…not too hot nor too cool to be out on the water.  We ate clams harvested by our hosts from the beach in front of their home, we visited the lighthouse before trekking into town for a delicious dinner.

As I pack for departure  I find myself dreaming of really living on an island. I could easily see myself ensconced in a small cottage somewhere on it, near enough to the commerce area so that I could walk to post, bank and grocery store. ” My island life ” would include trail hikes of the interior, beachcombing for treasures, curled into a chair, book in hand and a cup of herbal tea close by. And of course I would have a cat, and a dog. For the interior and exterior parts of my ‘island’ life you see…

saying goodbye to the island from the back of the ferry

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