Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. : “From You to You.”

Dear Chrissy…

Hi from your older self. Creepy right? Your older self? Your brain just went to: “Seriously. I survived? Will I be locked up somewhere? Who is this really?”

I am here to tell you that you will survive the terrors that you believe are never going to end. So sit down, and allow me to list what life will begin to look like (so hang in there)

  1. You will lose that 100 lbs and will love your strong, healthy body. Truth.
  2. You will attend college (although it gets de-railed for a period of time – YET – you will graduate with honors, because what you have been told and currently believe are LIES). Truth
  3. Someone will carry you past the first lamp post and you will be married (albeit, briefly, it’s the smart thing to do). Truth
  4. You will have friends who praise not bully you. (P.S. those bullies aren’t your friends NOW and they will always be bullies)
  5. You will be beautiful in the eyes of others – actual real  photographers will want to photograph you and you will have the photos to prove it. (Secret: and your naked in them…but not disgustingly so.)
  6. You will find therapy and recovery.
  7. You will travel for work and for fun.
  8. You will find and know peace.
  9. You will be loved.
  10. You will be HAPPY!

This is just a very short list…be brave my sweet, shy self. You are amazing, smart and funny. There is so, so much for you to experience and I know you can do it.

I wish I had a photograph of you right now at age 14…HOWEVER I do have one when you are 35…so look forward to this!

img414P.S. I LOVE who you turned out to be!


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