No reason to sweep up the mess

 “Sweeping Motions.”   What’s messier right now — your bedroom or you computer’s desktop?  Tell us how and why it got to that state.

And I can defend (to the toilet and back) all of this untidiness. (See how I just defended by changing a word…mess to untidiness.)


Starting on the left side of the photo…I’ll walk you through it.

  • there is a glass jar of shells that I gathered up from the beach on the Sea of Cortez 3 winters ago…makes me happy to be reminded of that six-week beach campsite.
  • in front of that jar is the jar with scissors, pens, highlighters and a fuzzy red VOODOO doll…because everyone needs one of those. You just don’t realize that you do.
  • in front of that jar is my stapler, eye glass case (with glasses) and a green frog that will hold said glasses. But if you look even closer…another pair of glasses are casually laying in front of it, and  holding my iPad down.
  • beside the jar, a crystal vase (retirement gift from a co-worker) holding a hand beaded rose – a gift from a friend…cuz every vase should have a flower. And I am lazy.
  • There’s a book that I plan to read (the library will eventually call it home.) under the iPad (which also has a Kindle app with the 700+ books loaded and ready to read) titled “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. My camera is riding on top here for fun and for free.
  • My earbuds, the camera-to-computer connector cord, some ear plugs (green), a bracelet (well actually there are 3 here), 2 rings, a jar of lip balm, and a packet of book labels (also a wee gift from a friend)
  • ON COMPUTER…a silver watch band sans watch face. I keep meaning to get a replacement, so far it’s just taunting me. The small(er) stack of white paper (much larger 4 days ago) are examples of “how to edit” a novel from a class I took in May. And, yes, it takes me a while to actually sort through miscellaneous trash.
  • ON SHELF (holding monitor) a collections of rocks, crystals (because we ALL need energy boosts) a piece of jade, a rock with barnacles that look like eyes AND my Buddha (cast in cement) —-  ALL of this is very important sheeeeit. ( i.e. no defending needed here.)

Moving over to the right side of the computer

  • this MORNINGs coffee mug. An empty water bottle reminding me to drink more water (it’s been empty for, hmmm, at least 3 days – so that theory blows) my ‘mouse’ , a pen, a red journal that is holding up a jar of the best lotion** and a misc envelope that I use to scribble random (and I do mean random) notes, a paper bookmark and a white box that actually has a gift in it that I need to mail soon.
  • The purple glass jar holds a ‘joyful’ memory…Elizabeth Gilbert posted back in January how she writes down the one thing each day that brings her joy and collects them for a year…. and I thought I could do that too.( shoo, shoo you judgy person – move along now.)
  • Behind the jar, a scented candle – which in self defense I don’t light as my cats tend to want to put either a face or a paw into it trying to capture the flame.
  • A few miscellaneous items too numerous to mention sit next to (see the next item)…porcelain cat statue.
  • And lastly…a black cat bookend. One of a set. The other is sitting on the window ledge in our bedroom standing guard against the blinds. I have forgotten why.

So, it’s all here for a reason. Just so you know…my car is much, much cleaner. Ergo, the idea that a “messy car is a gateway to a messy mind” holds NO MERIT at all. This just displays the workings of a really creative individual.

**The hand cream is called Whipped Shea Butter – Lavender  from Sweet Cream Suds …it is amazing, made from goats milk. I brought it while traveling through Crowell, TX. Unique town and small store with the owners goat milk products…you can find her items on her website .  Really wonderful hand cream.


3 thoughts on “No reason to sweep up the mess

    1. CAM

      No, not from SD…visited there six years ago when we retired. Bucket List National Park tour. Raised in WA, live in OR. Thanks for reading…did I mention SD in this post? My brain is becoming the Bermuda Triangle…have a lovely day.

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