Pride and Joy

The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.”

Pride and Joy asks the question: What is your most prized possession?… and my brain almost imploded.

That’s the problem. Too. Many. Possessions. So to ask me to land on my favorite is not only impossible but I wouldn’t even get the ‘prompt’ fully written before my mind would jump to another, equally worthy, item to crown as ‘prized favorite’.

Then I thought I could just make a list of the possibilities and narrow that list down and viola, something would just shine so brightly as to be obvious, and therefore self acknowledged.

  1. My 2007 Salsa Red VW Beetle – ‘shirl-ey’ the clear winner
  2. Lucy and Charlotte – adored managers of me
  3. My collection of art d’objects (aka the wall of faces)

and then it struck me.

MY EYES…my most prized possession is my eyes. Without them I would have no ability to appreciate my car and the transport it provides me; road trips to visit friends in neighboring towns, it’s trunk for parcels large and small and all the reasons that make driving it fun.

Nor would I be able to find Lucy or Charlotte before they found me.

My eyes have allowed me to enjoy art, books, museums and films. The rugged outline of my beloved or the smiles/tears of friends. The sunrise or full moon would  definitely be lost without them; a hummingbird feeding or the flirt of a monarch butterfly…that pirate squirrel who plots his trek down a tree limb to the bird feeder. All would be unseen without those ‘windows to the world’ that are planted just above/between my nose.

I am able to navigate the world through my eyes….. fallenjoying the beauty of an October day in my front yard as the leaves fall, swirl and collect in a rush of color.

Without my eyes the world would indeed be dark.

[After a brief visit to the East Coast and minor hand surgery I am back.] Blessings to you.


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