The Artist’s Eye

The Daily Prompt – Artist’s Eye

So subjective. Art. Is.

Below is a photo of me in the Shidoni statue gardens around 1999…being cheeky for sure. My love of art, artist, galleries and studios has shadowed me for years. As a back roads RV traveler if I find an art studio (or a bookstore) I am in heaven.

Shidoni Sculptor Garden, Santa Fe, NM…circa 1999.

I can not paint or draw…well, anyone can paint or draw, but is it art? I am not an artist by schooling, trade or passion. Oh how I wish I were. I can create many things with my hands, however it is from templates, recipes, directions or patterns….I try.

But I am an lover of the arts…

So when I think of an “artist’s eye” I think about the process of creating something from inspiration.  I appreciate the time, effort and materials that are used.

This didn’t really sink in until I saw the movie Woman in Gold…about the incredible story of the return of the painting Gustav Klimt created of Adele Bloch-Bauer which was stolen by the Nazi’s during WWII and subsequently returned to the family when they sued the Austrian government.

Gustav Klimt’s Woman in Gold

Stunning isn’t it? It was on display in NYC earlier this year, so wish I had been able to see it in person.

However, I did get to visit the Saint-Gaudens National Park in New Hampshire this Fall. Augustus Saint-Gaudens made some of our nations most treasured and striking commissioned pieces. Intricate in his detail work and the years in which it took him to finish a piece is breathtaking.

I nearly burst into tears when shown the Shaw Memorial….well, one of the replicas. The original is in Boston Common which I also got to see up close. Am afraid I would have become a ‘stalker’ if I had lived during his lifetime.


Difficult to see from here, however, the men behind the horse are fully defined, dress, faces, weapons and packs. This is a stunning piece of bronze work and a magnificent memorial. My bucket list includes several of his large pieces that were commissioned and installed around the country.

The tour of the grounds, house and museum is impressive and worth the drive to central New Hampshire…

My ‘eye’ doesn’t just seek out large scale artwork…I am equally moved by the intricacies of smaller pieces also.

So very grateful that much of the world also appreciates art in all of it’s form.

~ Ciao






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