Unplugged….yet connected

Life without computers ….

The Daily Prompt said: Life After Blogs : Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

Well I actually can remember back to the days of no tablets, no cell phones (never mind a “smart” phone), no computers, no Ipods or e-readers, and having only three, (3) channels on the television set – all black and white. And at some point around midnight the signaling would begin the “test pattern” that soon the station would shut down transmission for the night.

Before VCR’s, DVRs, CD’s, live streaming of news 24/7 on PCs and satellite service. When the entire family ate dinner together and rushed to watch the evening news that began at 6pm and was an hour long. Walter Cronkite was the man to watch and get your nightly news. Saturday mornings were filled with cartoons from Warner Brothers (think Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Bugs Bunny.) Sunday night we watched the Ed Sullivan Show, the Wonderful World of Disney and the Perry Como hour. After school during the week was the Mickey Mouse Club and Howdy Doody.

When you actually sat down and wrote out letters and slipped them into envelopes. Or you sat down and read the newspapers, for we lived in a town big enough to have a morning paper and an evening paper.

As dysfunctional as my childhood was, the pockets of memories do flood back.

Imagine a horror worse than not having a newspaper to read at all! What is the world coming to? I adore newspapers. I love the smell of the print, the sound of the pages as you snap them open and then fold them in halves, length and then width, to the perfect handling size. The headlines, the stories, opinions and advice columns…the obituary, birth and marriage announcements. For the love of all that is sacred…makeitstop! (This screamed at full volume. There, there I feel better now.)

But I digress. Again. sigh.

Life without computers? Well, I would most likely read even more than I currently do. And I certainly would spend quite a bit of time in front of friends having a real conversation while dining or just having a beverage. I would visit more art galleries, museums and certainly go to more live shows.

I would be doing research for my novel that has finally decided it’s time to be written. And because I know how to use the library, I could actually get that done at the library- well, because I love libraries.  And finding the information that I desire would be like a treasure hunt. (Libraries are magical.)

As are tablets and e-readers.

Yesterday I received this mini Ipad cover….made with leather and a zipper it looks like an old book, from a friend who knew I ‘loved’ it (by love I mean devoutly) and do not have the resources to purchase such luxury items without budgeting for them. (I am sure I owe her a part of my liver or a kidney.)


So…I am NOT giving up my tech needs anytime soon…because, well that just seems silly when we HAVE the technology. Oh, I do still enjoy going to the library (and will go to do some of my research) and getting a real paper bound book to read, but while I am on the road my e-reader capable Ipad mini that LOOKs just like a book is a grand and noble substitute.

BTW….I ‘totes’ removed Facebook from my phone 2 days ago and I am still alive and really not missing it. I wouldn’t be able to post this blog piece if I removed my computer…think I’ll go read a book, now that I am done here.

~ Ciao






2 thoughts on “Unplugged….yet connected

  1. I remember the days listening to the radio for continuing series before TV ever came about. Living here in NZ, Dad and Dave, was one of them or listening to Aunt Daisies new recipe for the day. Oh! those were the days, I still don’t have a cell phone, no coverage where I live.
    Just Memories.


  2. nraume@comcast.net

    Who could forget the black and white test pattern. or the sound that went with it? Newspapers? I still get The Times on Sunday. Obits and cutting coupons, the latter, a tradition my Father gifted me. Use them? Hell no, just carry them around for the week until the next paper comes out.

    Newspapers in Education was one of my favorite workshops I used to present. One of the best loved activities was sharing our own idiosyncracies, quirks and habits of reading the paper. I just read this weekend that the Seattle Times is the #2 read paper on the West Coast. Before you ask the #1, I don’t know.

    We surely could be doing some much more that using the computers. Like now, avoiding the inevitable packing for our road trip that begins on Monday. Coming your way!

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