Saturday night Cat fight

Saturday Night

The Daily Prompt : Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently. (A day late….)

Seriously…? Night out? Exciting? None of these words match the other…

Our last “night” out was for our anniversary in December and we were at the restaurant by 5:30 pm to avoid ‘the rush’ that never happened. It was a Monday in Lake Havasu, Arizona on our way south for the winter. It was a nice evening even if the waiter couldn’t quite get all the proper utensils to actually consume our meal;  soup spoons are nice if one is having soup, and if I ask you “is the decaf” fresh…the expectation IS – it’s been made within the current work day…not leftover from last Sunday’s brunch. Or that the waiter bringing the coffee service isn’t serving the creamer with his fingers inside the container rather than using the wee handle that is part of the container. (A teaching moment at it’s finest.)

Those nights out excursions are reserved for anniversary and birthdays these days.

My nights these days are filled with iPad TV, Charlotte and Lucy determining who wins my lap and marching through “Tess…” as though I were wearing size 13 Army boots and knee deep in mud. <oh yes, Saturday night is exciting here in the desert-she says with a lopsided grin>

p.s. the iPad cover looks like an old leather book when closed. A lovely gift from an even lovelier friend.





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