Laughing out Loud…

Roaring Laughter

What was the last thing that gave you a real, authentic, tearful, hearty belly laugh? Why was it so funny?

Sadly, I am not a naturally funny person. I have a couple of friends who work the craft of comedy at local comedy venues in my town.

They are gifted with the ability to toss out a quip like a eye twitch…so green with envy I am. I can conjure up a retort about 5 minutes after it’s needed. Too LATE! Needed that funny retort earlier, meaningless now! These friends make people laugh out loud.

So, while I can not make YOU laugh…I am a big, loud, laugh-er! I can and do get the giggles over the oddest events. I have been known to laugh so loudly in  a Bette Midler movie that the friend i was with; got up and moved she was so annoyed with me.

My belly laugh and it is that, will and has brought me to tears.  AKA the UGLY cry…it’s a happy ugly cry, with mascara running down my cheeks and snot out of my nose. (Also known as mucus…a disgusting word if there  ever was one.)

cry.jpg~ Ciao

p.s. Mascara not waterproof here or in my case…I am never laying down when this happens.











2 thoughts on “Laughing out Loud…

  1. I had a good belly laugh on Friday while spending an evening with some friends. One is a great guy but, shall we say – not a big reader. For some reason we got onto the topic of the technical terms for oral sex. These words (though not their meanings) were new to him, but being long and latinish, shall we say he didn’t get his tongue round either of them the first time (I really didn’t intend that pun but can’t think of any other way to describe it.) Hysteria all around….


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