Calendar girl…

Daily Prompt

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

I was given the name of my father’s mother Alice as a middle name. As a child I didn’t like the name as I thought it sounded like an old woman. I never knew her as she died when my father was a young child. I would grow to be happy with this middle name once I learned that my younger sister had the middle name of his stepmother whom my grandfather had married his secretary, Elsie. I missed a bullet there.

It was not until I was in my teens and I discovered that the name that I had been given was the second choice.

My last name was May, like the month.

My mother wanted to name me April Penelope…as in April “Penny” May….aka April May. According to her she was going to call me Penny. My father wanted to call me Alice after his mother and they agreed on it as a middle name….WHEW!

I fell, face first, in love with the second choice, later.Much later.

I had been bullied enough as a young teen for my physical appearance; and the idea of having April May for a name filled me with fear-even though I had missed the bullet. I thought about how that name would have affected my daily life had I had been given that name and knew I would never have had a moment of peace.

I knew this because as a high school student I had a biology teacher named Harry Lemon. At the beginning of each new incoming class he would always say, “you have heard of a fuzzy peach, right?” Well now you know a Harry Lemon! And everyone snickered…of course.

Looking back now I see how I would have been remembered, good or bad. Just as I recall that teacher’s opening line to welcome us, I would have been remembered as well. The girl with the ‘calendar’ name.


Today I would find the name to be a unusual blessing…we grow into our names. It would make a great ‘author’ name….maybe I’ll use it as a ‘non de plume’ when I publish my novel! Hey, it just might work!

~ Ciao



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