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Two days ago, exhausted from the last few hours of driving our truck  and hauling our 30′ 5th wheel from Arizona, we pulled up in front of our home. (A journey that encompassed 10 days of travel.)  Personally, I wanted to descend from the cab, drop down to the ground and kiss the grass, but after days of heavy rain, my only reward would have been wet patches at my knees and cold, wet hands. We had circled back to from where we had started on November 9, 2015 in Oregon. Home sweet home. (I pretty much felt like ET – longing to return to where my heart lives.)

On departing here we clearly believed that the Colorado River area of Arizona would be our winter home for the months we would be gone. Crap happens. Plans change.

We did land near the Colorado and were thrilled to walk the 200 yards from our mobile housing and launch our kayaks, whenever we decided to drift. (Translation: daily.)

P1080360 (2)



What wasn’t so evident from the original plans is our need to drive approximately 5 miles up the road to use our cell phones and internet service…there were enough mountains surrounding us on both sides of the river to create a lovely valley – void of current day technology.

It really is sad that we have become so connected to our ability to communicate with anyone we choose whenever the mood hits that not being able to text/call/email our nearest and furthest friends (or family) that we feel ‘incomplete’ when faced with no ability to fulfill our obsessive desire to post/chat/text/emote – remotely.

So we did what any normal people addicted to technology would do. We left that area and ‘completed’ our wintering in civilized Yuma Arizona.

Don’t judge me.

~ Ciao




2 thoughts on “Incomplete

  1. Sarah

    Hey-glad you made it home safely to our Oregon. That day will come for us too but not until fall 2017 if all goes as planned or close enough to it😔 We will be leaving Los Cruces, NM today and heading for TX. Finally made it out of AZ after many months there. Enjoy the Spring and your garden. That is what I miss- seeing all the new shoots budding up. Sarah from Medford Sent from my iPhone



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