Courage to know the difference…


Full Definition of courage

  1. :  mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

I have been considering this word of late. Along with a few others as well.


What does it mean to have courage or to be courageous? Do only firemen, police, military or the reckless have courage? Their work requires courage of a sort. Or is this just being brave? (definition: feeling or showing no fear : not afraid)

Wondering if I have courage; in any form. To rise up and fight to live when laying down and letting go of the physical being-ness of breathing in and out appears so much easier. Mayhaps I do want it to be The “Softer” way.

A really dear woman friend of mine had complications from a seemingly ‘routine surgery’. It left her in an induced sedated coma for nearly a week. She almost died. What began as a 2 day maximum in hospital stay tuned into 25 days in the hospital and 2 full weeks in a rehab center. She tires easily. She had to learn to walk/read/eat again.

Another friend is suffering from an advance form of esophageal cancer. I mean its serious shit. And yet, as serious and scary as it appears for him – he is determined to fight. Determined to hang on to his “generally happy disposition and tenacity”… when I read his* blog, my mind went to ‘courageous’ to describe him specifically and ‘sad for him’ to describing my feelings about him specifically. (*feel free to read and/or pray for this kind and gentle man.)

Another friend is battling Hepatitis C and will soon begin treatment to eradicate that disease from her body. At the same time her spouse is living with liver cancer and has been for the past 6 years. This takes courage as well. To get up each day and live your life, fight the weariness that must come with having to also fight off the physical and emotional toll that this takes – all takes courage.

These 3 are just a small sampling of people in my world that are challenged and facing these challenges with courage.

Living daily with profound and debilitating illness is difficult. Listening to them describe their days is difficult, but not nearly as difficult I imagine, as living with their issue. So I commend to you your courageous acts and hope that you will continue share your journey with me.I am honored to be a small part of your life.

Today, for me, it is all about knowing that for the grace of a Universal Being I am healthy; comparatively. I also know that I cannot change their experience; no matter how much I would like to do so. That their experience shows me how I might react in similar circumstances should I too be facing a difficult time is admirable.

I acknowledge that these friends are experiencing a challenge at this moment in time. I resist the urge to label them with a particular illness label – giving more energy to the negative does nothing to help generate the goodness and light that needs to shine on them at all times. I am mindful of my language and thoughts regarding their experience.

I am so grateful to have the many blessings filling up the vast vessel of my life.


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