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God, I miss newspapers. I miss everything about them. The smell of the ink. The ink that once rubbed off the page and onto my fingers. The snap of the paper as one opened its gigantic arms to allow a fold-back, better to handle – my dear. Roughly, 15″wide x 22″ long, it long held my fascination with the written word.


The comics were my early introduction to reading the ‘paper’. Weekdays it was a full  one page amusement center in black and white. Superman, Brenda Starr, The Family Circle, Lil Abner, Dick Tracy, Pogo and many more were daily strips. That all changed up when Sunday arrived – in COLOR and multiple pages of comics to read. In my home town of Seattle where we were lucky enough to have two completing newspapers,the Sunday Times got the color comics down to a separate insert into the paper. We didn’t have to wait for Dad to finish reading the section containing the comics, I got to have them right away. I wasn’t an only child, however, I never saw my siblings read the paper. At least nothing past the comics. I, however, read it all, well, mostly all of it.


The front page of current events, Dear Abby and Ann Landers <totally shocked to discover they were twins>, Lifestyle stories; including marriages/birth/obits; human interest stories and the sports pages (I have no clue why sports other than I was a tomboy and I liked to read). Later, when I started to search for a job upon graduating high school it was ‘all about the want ads’…where companies listed employment opportunities. The “Want Ads” also included housing (for sale or for rent), household goods for sale, puppies and cats, car/boat/trailer ads and advertisements from local dealers and real estate agents. Boy, times have changed. Headlines caught your attention and you HAD to read about it. Had to!


I miss the Sunday paper the most. Up until I retired from working somewhere else…Sunday mornings you would find me and my best half having breakfast and a casual morning of listening to NPR and reading the TOME that was the local paper and  shuffling through the business ads. True, trees are no longer dying for consumers as they once were…yet, I miss reading the human interest stories, the little magazine insert (the name escapes me), the weekly columns – Dave Barry! oh, my how I miss my Sunday laugh with him.

Now it’s all about ‘on-line’….frankly they lost me and the Sunday paper is so small why bother – it costs the same as it did 10 years ago and half the content. I don’t want to read the newspaper as a digital news source. Oh, I read the occasional article, but nothing will replace the heft, smell or texture of reading a newspaper.

Sigh. Sniff.

~ Ciao



One thought on “Newspaper

  1. Sarah

    I know just what you mean. Even though the Medford mail tribune is small and sometimes I ask myself what the point? I just can’t get into the online version while we are traveling. I also like “real” books

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