Daily Prompt

This popped up this morning as I sat at my easterly facing office window with the blinds pulled shut. The Sun was just to bright for having just gotten up…so I sat and looked at the back of the blinds.


The shadow of my hummingbird feeder, as it swung back and forth in the breeze soon caught not only my eyes but the attention of a hummingbird. So like watching mimes in pantomime,  I was getting a view of the outside world without having to raise the blinds.

The world still spins in time with nature, the birds still feed, the bees still gather nectar. I like comfort in shadows today…it hasn’t always been that way.Even in the shadows life moves forward. I have  been struggling with plot points for the book I am writing. Today on ‘almost’ daily neighborhood walk the idea regarding shadows and the hidden secrets of my two main characters just flooded through me. I have a connector now… I am beyond happy. This I can play with. My characters are just yammering about it so I must go…

Today, even in and outside the imaginary world of my brain, the shadows are an exciting place to be.

~ Ciao





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