Diverse or distinct?

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Full Definition of diverse

  1. 1 :  differing from one another :  unlike <people with diverse interests>

  2. 2 :  composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities <a diverse population>

diversely adverb
diverseness noun
Yes. There is a definition posted right there from good old Mr. Webster. God I ‘heart’ the dictionary. Now I have used this word quite a bit in my life. At work it was the politically correct and proper word to describe the multitude of cultures that my colleagues worked in around the world.
However, I no longer work at a ‘for profit’ job. I work for fun and for free as a retired lady…Yippee for moi! That doesn’t mean my life doesn’t have it share of ‘diversity’ in it.
Yesterday my spouse and I went to see The Jungle Book. (Excellent choice…if you haven’t….you must.) It is F.U.N! Any whooooo – we tend to arrive early. (Way to early for me, but that is a different post for sure.)    We like the back row, middle two seats and getting there early, for the most part, guarantees that we have OUR seats.
Not so yesterday. A Tuesday @ 11:30 AM, for….never mind you get the idea.
The entire back row was filled. As was half of the row in front of it. Okay, not early enough, lots of seats…we sat down in two. And got over myself. A
A few minutes later, a lovely young woman of, maybe 28, came over and introduced herself as a Special Education Teacher and that she was here with her students. She then informed us that these students had a diverse set of  needs and a couple of them had NEVER been to a movie. So, should they ‘act up’ or create any disturbance, she wanted us to know that “they” were on it and would remove the student to the hall. “We needn’t worry about it.”  My spouse said ‘OK’ and I just smiled and said ‘Good luck’….she was clearly concerned.
Such a lovely thing to do. She went to each new member of the audience and I watched her return to her seat. Now I had not noticed on arrival that there were: adult-2 students-adult-2 students, etc or that two of them were wearing helmets. Wow…that didn’t look good. That group was diverse (see #2 above). I welcome that diversity. I can learn from that diversity.
She needn’t have been overly concerned. The only noise from behind me was at then end when the group was cheering and clapping….no disruption from this group. Diverse and quiet. Perfect!
Now if only parents of “seeming normal” children would follow her guidelines when their darlings express themselves repeatedly and loudly during the movie. (We tend to avoid the day and times that are frequented by families for just that reason.)
Life would be so pointless if we all looked alike, talked in the same language and ate the same foods. Diversity is enriching…interesting…beautiful.

One thought on “Diverse or distinct?

  1. Sarah

    Liked your post on diversity. Glanced down and caught that you like old cemeteries Have you guys ever driven the 444 mile Natchez Trace Byway? It goes from Natchez to Nashville. Talk about old cemeteries!!! Fascinating.

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