A rose by any other…?


I am a gardener. I love to play in the dirt. I enjoy the surprise of the re-birth each spring, summer and fall as plants make their way into my  light and then return to sleep; only to repeat again in a few months. I weed, dig, plant and decorate my yard. It’s one of my favorite places….this is an old photo. However, much that is in this isstill in my yard. The trellis is still standing, the umbrella, all the plants on the right. The fore ground…totally different. But you get the point….it’s lovely.DSC02041

However, I have one rule.

If you fail to thrive after 2 or 3 years….out you go and I replace you with a lovely something that calls to me from the nursery or local department store’s “plants and such” Gardening section. “hey gorgeous, wassup at your pad?”

This year two such deadbeats, well one deadbeat and one hand-me-down made the “you have a chance to survive again!”

This is Ms. Heirloom. The photo was taken Friday May 6th. Friday April 29th she had norosestarts or hope! I had gotten her from a friend who gives me her hand-me-downs and I am GRATEFUL. They normally perform beautifully…this one almost died. Same pot, same water….but I did move it to a slightly cooler part of the yard. I was more depressed than Ms. H! How was I ever going to tell her original owner that….gasped…I had killed her.

A very serious talking to her snapped her out of that depression and this happened. It’s late as I write this and dark outside…but trust  me when I say…she’s a beauty and has double the new growth seen here. Survive? …YES and thriving

I bought an ornamental grass three (3) years ago and stuck it in the ground. Had water and sun, shade part of the day. Well protected from snow by the cedar and maple tree that loomed near by…but instead of growing it began to recede. No photo, it was way too embarrassed to pose…wasting away to a bare glimpse of it’s former glory.

I am giving it one last chance to perform to it’s potential…new house digs in the form of a clay pot…will consider bigger accommodations should that be warranted. We shall see whether this reason turn in it’s living quarters improves it outlook and it survives as well.





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