Dream a little dream…

Good morning world. It’s Friday the 13th…boo!

friday 13

And I hear a FULL moon..so just for your information…the balance of full moons for 2016:   2016 moondates




Now that that breaking news has been shared. On with today’s prompt :VISION

So, I am sitting here enjoying the morning coffee, the sunshine (suppose to hit 90 here in the PNW – ouch) my cat Lucy is laying here helping me get motivated to write. Not just on this blog but write on my vision.

My vision is writing a novel. Well, to be completely candid…my vision is to have a novel published. It’s one of the hardest things this lazy, mostly undisciplined, instant-want-it-now woman has ever done. EVER. No births, so for me THE hardest thing I have done. Harder then losing To walk, okay, sit around my fear and live my vision. It is hard and I am easily distracted…part of that fear that takes the wheel.

You see, I believe in visualization. I have had it demonstrated in my life. On more than one occasion…so I know it works. I am a visual learner…true I frequently have missed the all too important visual road signs until it  was nearly too late. But I did eventually see them and corrected the course.

Back to today’s vision…novel writing. So, today after this is written I am spending time in the garden—a resource for my brain and then polishing the first two chapters of the novel so that on Sunday I can (gulp) send it out to twelve (11) writing class members for a critique. It’s part of the ‘pull up your big girl panties’ and just let the process happen. Because this gratification-now seeker wants the piece to be PERFECT before other eyes see it….(I am laughing so hard as I write this…because I know that “all writers, in the words of Anne Lamott,  have sh**y first drafts.”). So my sh**y draft is going to be seen…ack! and commented on. I will be deep breathing and my vision for the day will be about being calm through the process.

It’s not perfect. I don’t have a contract to write it. I spent the last 6 months of 2015 and the first 3 months of 2016 paralyzed with writers block. So, this lovely instructor Lori Lake gave me an article (my reaction was “crap. another freaking article to read”) that makes sense and works for me. And it is simple. And I finally had to succumb to outlining because I had no vision of where my characters need to go/do/be next without some kind of vision of what that might look like. Had it in my head. I need to put it down on, at the very least, paper. Even if it’s a napkin.

So…that’s my vision. I will leave you with this vision…what writing is all about. I stole it off Facebook (and it’s my cover page there) and thanks to whoever created it.book.jpg

 ~ Ciao







































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