Countless…aka how many times?

Oh, I feel a rant taking over. So, here it comes…ready?

I am reading the fascinating autobiography My Life on the Road”, by Gloria Steinem. Yes, the feminist! The Ms.founder! The woman I would be honored to sit down to a meal with…have I lost you here? Reading it has riled me up, again about the countless ways men discount the value of women. Grrrrr

She was a teenager when I was born, most likely getting ready for college. However, I have followed her work as an activist and marveled at the courage it has taken for her to speak, not only her truth but the truth for all of us. Women AND Men.

When I went back to college in 2002 (after self-sabotaging two earlier attempts) I really could not focus on the subjects I wanted to explore. So, I explored many and discovered not only that I was intelligent…as in smart, and that I ADORED learning. Some of the subjects:

History – women’s history specifically  check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256

Literature- women’s literature specifically check_mark_u2713_icon_256x256

Native American studiescheck_mark_u2713_icon_256x256

Peace studiescheck_mark_u2713_icon_256x256

Matriarchal (women) societies in general. Not because I was a mother. Because I cared about society and cultures, all of them.  I found that understanding a culture helps to create harmony between differences, that beauty lives in all the colors/genders/traditions/rituals. Not just in the neighborhood I lived in.

I wanted and still do want to understand why males, specifically white males are SO against women. Why do they feel so threatened by us? Why are they attempting to turn back the progress made, here in the USA, by regulating women’s bodies? Who can or can’t get abortions? Who can or can’t get certain prescription coverage (women reproductive medications specifically) and YET Viagra is covered – no problem there for the 80 year old who is still able to reproduce. Attacking Planned Parenthood services when only 3%….THREE PERCENT is abortion related???? I do not understand the threat.

COUNTLESS men vacate their financial responsibilities to the children THEY have brought into this world because “they don’t like the women/mothers”.

And YET, COUNTLESS men stand outside clinics that offer services to women who have been raped and are now pregnant with a child they can not afford to raise and those very same men standing outside are not offering to pay for feeding/clothing/healthcare/education, including College and be financially responsible for that human life. Yet they expect the woman to do that…and yes, women play the game of denying access, etc. But the principle is your child … do it for the child. Be part of the solution. Stop being the problem.

Now, let me just say…NOT ALL men behave badly. I know quite a few men who are feminists. And I like most of the men I know. A larger percentage of them could behave better, however I would not label them as feminists.

Definition of feminist: noun feminist a person who supports feminism.

Definition of feminism:fem·i·nism noun feminism

  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Since there are only women and men…men can be feminists also.

So, there are countless ways men can support equality of both sexes. Start with allowing women and yes, even the one you live with….to make decisions about her body JUST as you make decisions about yours (had that vasectomy yet?).  Let her decide…she is the one who will be living inside her skin long after you have died and left her your fortune.

Rant over. If you haven’t read My Life on the Road”, by Gloria Steinem – do, its a great read.

~ Ciao

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