The ‘title’ she is a~changing….

Traveling lightly….  as you can see I have changed the name of my blog. It’s a head scratch-er I know. However, while the previous title did cover my life and my thoughts to a degree, it was theft – pure and simple.

‘MyEatPrayRVingLife’ – looked good. All of the elements of it were true. But I knew I had taken a shortcut to being creative.

I based it on one of my favorite author’s novel Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I eat.  Mostly diets based on plants that I cook…  my own meals largely because I find processed food to be devoid of taste and with far too may preservatives.

I pray. A lot. And I meditate. Not as much as I would like, but more than I did half a lifetime ago.

And, sadly, I RV. I say sadly because it’s what my spouse and I decided to do when we discovered we could retire early and avoid all that “bucket list now but NO healthy ability to check off said items on the bucket list” issue that we saw many suffer from by staying the course and waiting until ‘full retirement’. I know…shocking isn’t it. We forged ahead and retired when our dreams of a bigger stock pay out crashed and burned in the financial crisis of ’08.

But I discovered that the vagabond life style was not what I wanted to do 365…I could whine about it here or save that post for future exposure. Let me just say that I can and do go out for short duration’s of 90-120 days and then scurrying back home like a vole being chased by an owl. I try very hard to enjoy our travels and it is easier knowing I will return to my garden and my office.

Jelly donuts is an expression that a “bestie” gave me to use when I needed to chat with her. It’s code for gossip. That’s right. gossip. Which I try very hard NOT to engage in, except for with her. I mean, we all have to have someone we can share our ugliest and cruelest rants on….. and during a recent meditation the title for my blog came to my awareness. When we use it it denotes immediate action is required…we must talk with one another.

So, while I won’t be gossiping here I will be sharing my thoughts/rants/hopes/dreams….you know the good stuff – the inside stuff that people often only enjoy when they are face to face with the donut, aka me in physical form. Like the insides of a delicious Jelly Donut…you’ll get the gooey stuffing of me in the form of a blog post.

So, you see….meditation works.

I hope you will continue to follow me through the change(s) that are/will/is occurring over the next few weeks. Thank you for your time, comments, and positive energy.

~ Ciao



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