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img163Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, being busy myself I know that your time is valuable, so I will attempt to not waste yours. (I end up wasting lots of my own time….maybe I will blog on that!)

Female (with all my original parts…well the ones YOU can see), married, happy, living half the year in a 5th wheel mobile tin-house and half the year planted in the PNW where gardening, reading, cooking, kayaking and biking are the order of the day. Secretly wish I had become a Broadway Rockette, living in New York city OR had become a writer…working on that now. So I proudly state that I am a writer. And that currently I am using my blog to build a daily practice to support that affirmation and become a published author.

I am a seeker, hence the love of nature, books, artistic expressions, church architecture, cooking, cemeteries, gardening, mountains, beaches, and kayaking. All of these provide opportunities to contemplate, pray and meditate. And I am a Reiki practitioner, spiritual seeker, walking a path of recovery from all sorts of addictions.

We have 2 cats, Lucy – 16y/o Russian Blue and 4 y/o Charlotte, Tortoise Shell Calico, who we rescued on May 3, 2014. If you have time and want to see where we live 6 months of the year visit- click here  on my travel blog. I hope you enjoy it.

Be at peace, be well…you are blessed because you breathe.


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4 thoughts on “About – Moi

    1. CAM

      Normadic Adventurer….thank you for your kind words. We have discovered the back roads of America to be amazing, beautiful, sad, lonely, historical and amusing. We have learned a lot about America, ourselves and that drives us further. You will meet some amazing people…safe travels. Look for RVThereYet.com to join and post with others….it’s a blog site just for RV’ers once you begin. Lots of great, helpful information.

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  1. Great blog, great life!! I too live in my motorhome…when I’m home in the US, but now traveling and living in foreign lands. Good luck with RVing and writing, and kicking your legs in NYC!!


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